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Susan Greif 

Crossing Bridges

Susan Greif

Art Mends Hearts, LLC

Susan Greif is a Creative Transformational Expert and Healing Arts Professional, Owner/Facilitator of Art Mends Hearts, Speaker, Artist, Published Photographer, Illustrator and now Author


“Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore the possibilities.” —Tim Fargo


Many people are subconsciously paralyzed from a variety of issues that prevent them from living their life to the fullest. Susan can help you uncover the root of these issues using her unique multi-disciplinary approach to get to the root of and to heal the ravages of depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders and learning disabilities by offering strategies and coping mechanisms to restore health, happiness and well-being.

Susan uses the healing arts -- art, movement, music, writing, drama, etc. as a way to bring the subconscious to the surface so that you become aware of what is keeping you from crossing your bridge. In the first session, the healing process will begin quickly and you can finally deal with the obstacles that prevent you from getting from point A to point B and you will learn how to take the first step toward the other side. Susan believes that in order to make a change in our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as within our relationships with others and with ourselves, we need to create awareness; we need to be willing to see the truth; and we need to bring the unconscious to the conscious to create clarity.

Susan Greif is a Creative Transformational Expert and Healing Arts Professional who uses the expressive, creative and healing arts to help women and children find emotional freedom from anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, grief, loss, illness, pain, eating disorders, social behavior and learning disabilities so that the client can let go of her anxieties that keep her feeling paralyzed, panicked, powerless and in pain.


Fun Facts:

*I was a cheerleader throughout high school and college

*I took ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, funk, ballroom and pole dancing classes

*I am now taking aerial yoga.

*Majored in Biology; minored in psychology; went to dental school; quit the day after orientation to get married.

*Studied art, photography, dance, drama, writing, yoga, meditation, regression, energy healing, science of medical intuition.




"I just want to write my heartfelt testimony. When I was going through the roughest part of my cancer treatments, radiation. Susan Greif, through her Arts Mend Hearts and her guided brilliance in relieving my anxiety. I could not be more greatful for her insight, professionalism and most of all her ability to help quell my anxiety through this most challenging time. She helped me, she helped my daughter, and I have no doubt she can help anyone going through any anxiety provoking situation.

Give yourself or your friend the gift of balance in life.
Thank you for everything, Susan!"

Lori Schlakman, Cancer Survivor, Client
Inventor Tabooze and founder Cocktails for The Cure

"I have known Susan Greif for many years and have had the pleasure of observing her work with clients using the Expressive and Healing Arts.  I have seen how she is able to help women and children transform through the utilization of her unique and creative ways of working.  I feel confident referring clients to Susan who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally as using art helps them get to the core of the issues with which they are struggling.  In addition to Susan’s work with the Expressive Arts, she has helped many children with dyslexia learn to read and write through the creative and multi-sensory process.  Susan is professional and skilled and has a very kind and gentle way of working with her clients.  I highly recommend to anyone looking for coaching, consulting and healing."

Kimberly Agresta MSW, LCSW

"This is not an easy thing to do. It is a process, one that no one has ever pushed me to do before. If I had to compare it to something it would be like being born all over again. The struggle of being okay in the dark, damp closed environment and struggling not to come out of that and face the light where so many happy possibilities await. Thank you again from my heart that I am trying to make whole again. It may have glue between the pieces but at least it will be back again."

Dr. Elaine T. Yaffe, Client

"I've had the good fortune of experiencing the healing powers and abilities of Susan as a private client and in workshops both in person and on-line. She has the ability to establish an immediate sense of trust and safety whether individually or in a group setting. Susan is quite proficient at digging deep to help her clients discover what is at the root of their emotional struggles. Her various forms of using the arts as a therapeutic tool is quite different from conventional therapy, yet very effective. It helps one to discover a deeper sense of what takes place in their sub-conscious thinking. She has an innate intuitive sense and wisdom that her clients are lucky to benefit from and she is very generous with her natural gifts. Knowing her as a person, I've come to realize that aside from the strides she makes professionally, she gets a deep and profound sense of gratification when she knows she has made progress to help a client heal. Susan is a wonderful guide on the road to self discovery."

Estelle Chase Wald, Daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Client

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