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Selina Maitreya

 Chapter: Who Knew?

Selina Maitreya

Practical Spirituality


“It is not your beliefs, it is your behavior that counts. It is not your faith, but your function that counts. It is not your conviction, but your character that counts.”
~ Words by Swami Sarvagatananda.


Selina Maitreya is an internationally celebrated lecturer, author and teacher of Practical Spirituality.

Practical Spirituality is a transformational teaching that utilizes one's daily life as the practice pad for increased consciousness and connection to higher wisdom.

Students of Practical Spirituality learn how to identify and access their high frequency 24/7 living lives that are based in true abundance and peace.

Spiritually Charge Your Daily Life

This mp3 will relax your being in 10 minutes and will recharge your lifestream as it fills you with positive high frequency. Perfect during a busy day or as a tool to help you relax before sleep.


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Spiritual Tools To Support You In Your daily Life!


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Selina Maitreya is a uniquely gifted spiritual teacher with a healing voice and soul .Her teachings and blessings are life -changing.

Jan Goldstoff- NYC

In our yoga practice, we use the body and breath to draw our awareness into the present moment.  Spiritually Charge your Daily Life - And in that moment, clarity and awareness is gained.

Selina's teachings are the bridge bringing clarity and awareness to our lives off the mat. The teachings and tools of Practical Spirituality create powerful changes that positively affect our daily lives.

Alyssa Snow
Owner Mind Body Soul Yoga - NYC

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