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Rhonda Culver

Do You Hear the Whisper

Rhonda Culver

Financial and Life Education Services

Finance Executive, Real Estate Broker, Co-Creator: Life SPARKS, Edition #1


"What would your life be like if you trusted that you are always being guided?"
– Shannon Kaiser


Rhonda Culver is a personal finance expert and author. After exiting from her corporate career in 2006, she established a career in real estate investments. At that time she had net worth of close to $2M. After the economy crashed, along with a few poor choices, Rhonda lost it all and filed bankruptcy.

Turning her financial condition around equipped her with many lessons learned, and the knowledge and desire to help and teach others how to improve their finances. Now the founder of two thriving companies, she credits her turnaround to finally listening to the whispers of her soul. She knows God is guiding her life and her optimistic attitude.

She has recently completed the online course "Transform Your Finances NOW!" Rhonda’s passion is teaching, speaking and guiding others in how to improve their personal finances.

Rhonda, a CPA, also holds a BS and a MBA from Arizona State University and is an adjunct accounting professor in the Maricopa Community College system. Rhonda, previously a finance executive at American Express, spent over thirty years in industry accounting.

Rhonda can be reached at rhonda.culver @ or 480-628-9595


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