Positive Media Ventures, LLC

Positive Media Ventures, LLC, is the parent company of Authentic Messengers. We pride ourselves on being a new kind of media company. Our commitment is to provide positive inspiration for everyday life and counteract the negativity that is rampant in today’s media.

Our media platforms include:

Life SPARKS book programs
SPARKS of Inspiration eBooks
SPARKS of Inspiration Magazine (First Edition 2017!)
Inspirational Radio Directory
Inspirational Talk Radio Network (LIVE soon!)
SPARKS of Inspiration live and virtual events (2017 dates coming soon!)

It is our belief that every single person on this planet has a story to tell, one that will impact and inspire others. Our mission is to give everyone a platform to share their distinct message, lighting their spark that ignites inspiration in others, and soon that spark expands and becomes a flame of positivity that shines on the world.

Meet Our Executive Team

Tami Blodgett, Chief Visionary Officer

Tami is the one with all the big ideas! She is a respected mentor, coach and strategist who tirelessly serves those who yearn to make a real difference in the world. Tami has supported hundreds of change-makers in bringing their message to a global audience through writing, radio, speaking and program creation. She gently guides the people she supports to be seen and heard in a way that is in alignment with their values and personal truth. It is her true calling to create and build platforms that empower messengers to uncover their vision and make that vision a reality. “Just BE.” This is Tami’s mantra that keeps her in alignment with her true self. When away from her whiteboards and spreadsheets, you will find her sitting quietly on her deck, listening to the birds, watching the squirrels and breathing with the breeze.

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Allison Saia, Chief Creative Officer

Allison is the creative heart of the company. She prides herself as a professional wordsmith and a highly effective writing coach. She is the one that makes everything look and sound good. With over 25 years of writing and editing experience, Allison brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our company. Her passion is helping our clients find their voice, and guiding them, hand in hand, in their writing journey.

When she’s not coming up with clever quips, Allison enjoys spending time with her beloved corgi Hailey, enjoying Mexican food, and travelling.

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Daniel Saia, Chief Innovation Officer

Dan is our "Jack of All Trades." A seasoned IT and sales professional, he is the one who keeps our websites running and handles all the backend techy stuff. A master communicator, Dan is committed to serving our clients in a way that is knowledgeable, but personable. He is always on top of new trends and keeps us on the cutting edge. When we need something done around here, Dan is the guy we know can handle anything--from fixing a website to fixing a car, and anything in between.

You never know where you might find Dan when he’s not up to his ears in code and e-mails. He loves to travel, spend time with his family, and play video games!

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Denise Beins, Chief Organizational Officer

Denise keeps us all sane! She’s been keeping schedules and organizing since she was a little girl growing up on a farm. Denise is a master project manager who believes that good systems help companies run smoothly and allow teams to work more effectively. Denise takes care of all the countless details that keep our business visible and thriving, and able to help more messengers in getting their stories out to the world. The company culture the she maintains empowers our team to utilize their strengths and passions.

On the rare occasion that Denise isn’t coordinating a project and keeping the company running smoothly, you will find her spending time with her family, exploring the great outdoors or fixing up their home!

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