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Melinda Kapor

A Big Move: Embracing the New

Melinda Kapor

Partner IC Solutions; Intercultural Consultant;
Best Selling Authors International for contribution to #1 International Best Seller: Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 4;
Contributing author: Life SPARKS: Stories to Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite


"Truly appreciate life, live well in the moment; it will never come again."

"Things flow into place when my direction is right; all sorts of obstacles appear when it's not."


An eclectic explorer of life, Melinda Kapor is an intercultural consultant and writer.

She enjoys encouraging and inspiring others as they embark upon their own travels, helping them to better understand the obscure feelings that rise up for a particular place that cannot be explained or rationalized.

Melinda herself never thought she’d leave her home state, but a first trip to Europe in the early 1980’s changed all that. Soon after she was living in Italy, where she still resides today.

Her many interests include amateur photography, some of which she shares on Instagram and

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