Marina Ormes


Co-Author Nurse  SPARKS, Edition #1

Dancing with the Universe: How Astrology Brings Meaning to the Healing Process

Marina Ormes

Evolutionary Astrologer and Retired Holistic Nurse, Director of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association, Author of Cycles of Healing

Business: Astrology Heals


“Considering the problems facing our world, we vitally need not only new ideas and solutions, but also new ways of thinking about reality itself.”
~Marina Ormes



Marina Ormes is an evolutionary astrologer, a retired board-certified holistic nurse with a background of over 20 years in astrology and holistic healing, and the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos. She is the Director of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association and the founder of Astrology Heals.

Marina grew up with a father who was a high-energy particle astrophysicist for NASA. Her childhood household was one in which energy was understood to be the equivalent of mass times the speed of light squared, and a belief in astrology was an unfortunate situation from which one could only hope to recover some day. And yet, from her teenage years participating in and designing youth-led worship services through the Unitarian Universalist Church to her current life as an author, speaker, teacher, holistic nurse, and visionary entrepreneur, Marina has embraced a passionate drive to grasp the mysterious complexities of reality and consciousness.

After graduating from Oberlin College with a degree in biology, Marina earned a certificate in Herbal Healing from the Oregon School for Herbal Studies, where she also studied astrology and shamanism. Marina is certified in evolutionary astrology through the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program, and she has a professional background as an astrologer, wedding officiant, birth doula, wellness consultant, and labor and delivery nurse. Her interest in healing and what makes human beings feel meaning, joy, and purpose has guided all of her professional pursuits.

Marina helps healers and visionaries live the life they are here to live, supporting them in discovering the meaning and purpose that is an essential part of whole-self wellness and helping them make a positive contribution to their communities and the world.

She offers private consultations, small group programs, monthly New and Full Moon guided meditations, classes, and more. She can meet with clients online from anywhere in the world. Learn more at and or contact


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At Astrology Heals, we help you live your soul's purpose. Knowing the energies inside you and in the world around you is the key to making real what you know in your bones your life is about.

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You have a role to play in the healing and evolution of your community and the planet, and when you live your personal life of meaning and purpose, you also contribute to the collective greater good. Evolutionary astrology provides powerful tools from a new paradigm to accelerate your ability to do your part to bring about change.

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“Working with Marina has been the most pivotal thing I have done my entire life with respect to knowing and aligning with my life purpose. It has been central to my adult 'rebirth' into authenticity and living a life that feels deeply meaningful.

Since I began working with Marina, everything has shifted – my career, my relationship, my relationship with money, and my feelings about life. I am consistently astounded by the quality Marina produces.

When it comes to describing the results I have achieved through participating in her year-long program Live Your Soul's Purpose, words are simply not enough to capture what it has made possible to me.

Marina's program helped me resolve the unconscious patterns of the past that contributed to my choices and ways of being every day and kept me stuck in fear, poverty mentality, a challenging relationship, and doing work that made me sick to my stomach to have to face.

Marina’s work brings me directly into clarity and alignment that help me take decisive action so I know what I need to do even when I feel frightened or overwhelmed. Joining Live Your Soul's Purpose provided me the deep, nurturing, soul support I needed to connect all the stories of my past to the big WHY of my future.

Thanks to the courage, insight, wisdom, unhesitating support, and confidence in what is possible that Marina brings to every coaching call, every meditation, every encounter, I am now confident in my future. I am living the path of my higher purpose every day.

My business has grown in ways I could never have imagined. I now work with clients I love, who appreciate my gifts, and I see a clear path of expansion and abundance before me.

I am more loving toward myself and far less susceptible to other people's judgments, fears, and emotional reactions. I now recognize my own fear for what it is--a remnant of traumas from this lifetime and others that no longer needs to hold me back. I know how to deal with it when it comes up so I can live from a place of loving expansion and not from needing to feel trapped and small.

Working with Marina will change your entire experience of life. It is the kind of work we all need to say yes to, to believe deeply in who we are and generate meaning, purpose, and a more loving and sustainable world.”

Julie Brooks, A Place In the Sun Massage and Coaching, Veneta, OR
Julie Brooks, A Place In the Sun Massage and Coaching, Veneta, OR

“Marina's program gave me the velocity of the speed of sound relatively comparing my previous pace of growth.

She eloquently explores our astrological support systems revealed in your chart and in studying the archetypes of our solar system; indeed she presents our access to the Bigger Picture.

Marina confirms what lives within you through interpretations of your chart and that of others. She brilliantly explains the science of the evolutionary astrological interpretations that feel strangely matter-of-fact, deeply confirming and from as far outer and inner space as it can get. The evolutionary astrological interpretations as presented can help you make sense of the here and now if only used as a tool for healthy introspection and envisioning your intentions fulfilling your purpose by understanding why you are here, why you are needed in your role serving Love.

You will be filled with inspiration and motivation while building upon an inner, ever-growing joy and appreciation for what is: this gift of your life, your chosen deck of cards. We are all on our journey, of course, but you won’t want to miss the opportunity of this moment of this offer presented on your path. I swear this experience of being a student of Marina Ormes will get you there faster. You will get to YOU, to being in alignment with your true Self, faster, yet at your own pace, with the intrigue of a thriller! Each session describes and explains the influences and opportunities that peculiarly coincide with exact current life experiences and needs. Is that synchronicity?

Marina’s gift in teaching and sharing her love for cosmic symbolism (happenings) reflected in our inner and outer natures as interpreted by the science of evolutionary astrology is intertwined with her own unique offerings as a Way Shower and Reveler.

The darkness in the deep, black cave will no longer frighten you with Marina’s meditative guidance. You will be given the tools that will support and strengthen your courage to fulfill your purpose. You will be able to risk to find the reward as you are guided and supported on the path into the Unknown.

Marina Ormes assists, empowers and guides one with clarity and strategies in connecting with your Self, your Essence that you may ultimately be Self-guided on your mission and purpose. She does this through her profound comprehension of human psychology and deep understanding of Evolutionary Astrology. Marina speaks with inspiring eloquence to one's Spirit, affirming what you already know deep within.

You will never find a more dedicated teacher of human psychology who supports and empowers Self-Loving spiritual growth and awakening than in Marina Ormes. I think of her as a Way Shower into the Unknown, an Angel here to serve as a guiding light to what is real love and what life is really about.”

Lani Evon, Astoria, New York

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