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Our SPARKS book program guides you step-by-step as you experience writing, publishing and marketing your story in a book that will illuminate, inspire and ignite hearts.

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Writing experience is NOT required! Our Professional team will guide, support and empower you.

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It is a calling, a yearning, a burning desire. You have a unique story, an empowering message. You know it matters and that it will impact the lives of others. You need to share it.

It is so much more than story telling—it is story sharing and life caring.

You want your message to reach hundreds, thousands, millions of readers. But you are not an author... you do not have 50,000 words to share. You know your message is important. What do you do?

With professional guidance, YOU WRITE YOUR STORY!

And with a group of like-minded people you collectively share it with the world! Our team of experts will help you do this.

You do not need to know how to build a website, get published or create a marketing plan... or even write! We do!

Aspiring and Seasoned Writers Welcome!

Judy Dippel, Life SPARKS, Edition #1 and SPARKS Editor

"Being a contributing author to anthologies grows me as an author. They are a painless, professional way to be published. I'll tell you why: common topic anthologies bring extra attention to topics I'm passionate about. I can sell as many (or as few) books at a good profit. They've enabled me to work with top-notch publishing professionals and authors. Last but not least, marketing success is compounded by the number of authors—and my stories get out to audiences, which equals life change for them and me!"

Judy Dippel, Life SPARKS, Edition #1 and SPARKS Editor, contributing author to, But Lord I Was Happy Shallow (Kregel), Laundry Tales to Lighten Your Load (Evergreen Press), The One Year Life Verse Devotional (Tyndale House)
Susie Briscoe, Life SPARKS, Edition #1

"It's been the most marvellous experience collaborating with such an amazing group of women! Firstly thank you to Tami and Denise for bringing the original energy and warmth to this project; after that it was full steam ahead. I'd not really experienced working with a 'real' editor before and Judy was an absolute dream to work with. Nothing has been too much trouble whenever any help was needed.

This is a wonderful project to get involved with - the depth of sharing has to be experienced and the quality of what is being produced is a reflection of the care and attention which has gone into the 'birthing' of this first edition.

If you are having any thoughts of dipping your toes into the water to get a book out there I have to encourage you to gentle yourself into the experience by working with these wonderful people.

I'm looking forward to seeing your story in print in the next edition... just go ahead! Warmest wishes from the UK, Susie.

Susie Briscoe, Life SPARKS, Edition #1, Business & Legacy Strategist
Anita C. Stewart, RN

"The only writing I have done in the past was journaling, so to think I could write for a book was a big stretch for me. My inner guidance said YES when I was presented this opportunity to be one of the 20 authors for Life Sparks edition one. One of the best choices I have ever made. The experience has been one of learning, excitement, and professionalism from the Authentic Messengers team. I have been given so much more than what the cost to participate is. The amount of time spent with each author is way beyond my expectation. Forming new alliances, friendships and collaborations with the other authors is the frosting on the cake. I would highly recommend this journey to anyone who has a great story in them to share with the world.
I loved it so much I am looking forward to adding another story in edition two. If anyone has the spark to join, feel free to contact me via my website and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. In great appreciation, Anita Stewart."

Anita C. Stewart, RN, Owner at Bridges of the Heart
Catherine VanWetter, Life SPARKS, Edition #1 and Authentic Messengers Radio Host

"Back in 2009, I was invited to be part of an anthology, Overcomers, INC with 38 authors from around world. We were asked to share our story of overcoming an adversity within our personal life. To be part of a collective venture was both inspiring and humbling. I was deeply touched by the candidness, vulnerability and strength that each author shared, and the blessings each one experienced by going through their challenge. Though each of our stories were uniquely different, the overarching similarities were astounding. It reminded me of how intricately we are connected within the story of who we are and the astounding resiliency of heart and soul. To bear witness to each of our challenges and triumphs changed my life forever. For that I will be forever blessed."

Catherine VanWetter, Life SPARKS, Edition #1 and Authentic Messengers Radio Host, Overcomers INC, created and published by Love Your Life Publishing

"To be part of a community of passionate authentic messengers, daring greatly to share their stories unapologetically, reveal the strength of the human spirit and is truly a gift from the soul. There is emotional freedom and healing in sharing, and being authentic connects you to the essence of your true self. Joseph Campbell says, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” and Eckhart Tolle says, “Only the truth will set you free”. I am grateful for Tami, Judy and Denise for providing such a wonderful venue for genuine expression and making this experience a heartfelt reality for me by providing exceptional professional expertise, thoughtful encouragement, and extraordinary support. For the reader, I hope they will see themselves in our stories and their hearts will be opened and spirits uplifted with a ripple effect, “Each one, reach one, teach one” to transform the world one person at a time."

Jean Farish, Life SPARKS, Edition #1

"Working with Tami and her amazing team was not only a great way to get my voice heard, but they carefully held my hand through each and every process making this a joyful and exciting journey. I am so fortunate to be among some of the most illuminating, inspiring, and igniting group of people. Thank you!"

Susan Greif, Life SPARKS, Edition #1

Tami Blodgett

Co-Creator SPARKS Series
Authentic Messengers

"Supporting authors to share
their message is my expertise and passion."

Tami is a respected Messenger Support Expert, who tirelessly serves those who yearn to make a real difference in the world.

Denise Beins

Co-Creator SPARKS Series
Authentic Messengers

"I am passionate about efficiency, strategies and functional management."

Denise consults and professionally guides Messengers and Professionals in how to keep their business visible and thriving.

Judy Dippel

SPARKS Editor/ Ghostwriter Owner of JLD Writes

"I enjoy crafting words that speak for you ... even while you sleep!"

Judy is the author of several books, ghostwriter, inspirational speaker, writing coach, and owner of a freelance writing business.

Patricia Marshal

SPARKS Publisher
Owner of Luminare Press

" I have a strong desire to help authors produce a polished, professional book."

Patricia brings a thorough knowledge of printing and a passion for non-fiction book editing to the process.


Commonly Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow long will my chapter be?

    Chapters will cap at 1800 – 2000 words. We suggest submitting your chapter slightly longer, up to 2200 words, and our editorial team will assist you in tightening it up for optimal readability. Each book will have specific guidelines.

  • q-iconWho will be editing my work?

    Life SPARKS books are edited by professional writer and speaker, Judy Dippel. Judy is the founder of JLD Writes. Judy will work closely with you to create a story that is unique and matches your style, reflecting who you are, what you do and why you do it.

  • q-iconWhere will my story be in the book?

    The SPARKS team will determine together, the best placement of each story in the book. Flow, readability and diversity will be considered.

  • q-iconWhere will SPARKS be sold?

    All SPARKS books will be available on Amazon in both print and digital (Kindle) versions. It will also be formatted and available on Nook and other digital platforms we determine to be a good fit. SPARKS books are made available for any bookstore to purchase.

  • q-iconMay I sell books myself?

    YES! We encourage you to and will offer classes on ways you can do this. You will retain 100% of profits from books you privately purchase and sell on your website or at events. The printer will determine the author’s cost per book based on word count and formatting. We will not know exact cost until it is available on Amazon. We estimate between $3 and $7.

  • q-iconWill I receive royalties from the sale of books on Amazon?

    Yes! Fifty percent (50%) of Amazon sales will be distributed equally to all Contributing Authors once each calendar year. in the month of April, beginning the April following release date and continuing for three (3) years.

  • q-iconWho will own my story?

    YOU own your story! SPARKS Books, a division of Positive Media Ventures, LLC, will hold non-exclusive First Anthology Rights. You will agree not to publish or permit others to publish your chapter prior to its publication in SPARKS, nor until six  months after the appearance of the anthology.

  • q-iconDo I need to be concerned about privacy of people in my story?

    Yes! You will sign that your chapter is not in violation of any rights of privacy or any other rights of third persons, and does not violate any existing common law or statutory copyrights. You may be asked to provide written permissions.

  • q-iconWhen is the balance of my program fee due?

    The balance of your program fee is due on or prior to editing (approximately 30 days from the filling of the book). Payment arrangements may be requested. Full payment is due prior to assignment to our editorial staff.

  • q-iconMay I make payment arrangements?

    Yes! Upon agreement with a representative of Positive Media Ventures, LLC.

  • q-iconWill I receive any copies of the book?

    You will be sent one complimentary copy and you will have author rights to purchase unlimited books at Amazon cost. You will be responsible for all shipping of additional books.

  • q-iconWhat if I decide to pull my story from publication?

    Up until your story is accepted for inclusion in the requested SPARKS book, you may request your story be withdrawn and a full refund will be issued. After this time, you may request withdrawal with no refunds issued. See agreement for details.