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Jean Farish

Coloring Life with a Spirit of Gratitude

Jean Farish, Ph.D., CRC 

Life Care Wellness Center

 Life Care Coach


"I am the seasoned traveler of the labryinth. Losing my way and finding my way. Traveling on the beaten path and the road less traveled. Eventually finding my way home to the place of spiritual rest and fulfillment."


-Jean Farish earned the Ph.D. in Rehabilitation, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, Jackson State University, BA in Psychology, Tougaloo College; and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).

-She served 28 years as Departmrnt Chair and Professor at Jackson State University in the Department of School, Community and Rehabilitation Counseling; and as a community counselor and vocational expert.

-As a self-help author, her six month tenure serving as Honorary Consultant in the Division of Industry and Community Engagement at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang, was a pivotal juncture on her transformational journey. Her immersion in an Oriental culture, awakened her to the true essence of life and divine love. Working as a team with USM faculty and staff, traveling to remote villages and indigenous communities, and volunteering at REACh (Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children expanded her skills and talents.

-She is an award winner of the 4th global transformational author writing contest for "The Long Journey Home"; and was featured on the cover of "BookMad" and "PUBLISHED! Magazines. She is a co-author for "My Creative Thoughts", a # 1 international bestseller. Her recently published book, "Journey To Wholeness", is a valuable self-help resource. She is inducted in the Bestselling Authors International Organization.

-Driven by her mission for service, she uses her talents and skills to make a difference in the lives of people as a Life Care Coach through personal development and community enrichment classes. She knows that life challenges with valuable lessons continue to inspire her own transformational journey, as she helps others become more insightful and introspective. Her deepest desire is to serve humanity in both grand and simple ways-on a higher spiritual level. She is the founder of "PEP (Personal Enhancement Project) for Angels" for children hospitalized with cancer.

PEP for Angels for children hospitalized with cancer

-I have an affinity for nature and I love nature walks.

-I love traveling and experiencing other cultures...cuisine, art, music, festivals, language and the people.

-I enjoy creating memorable moments and fun times with loved ones and wholesome friends.

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