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Ed Conrad

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Ed Conrad

The Heart-Powered Path

Published Author: HEART POWER, Contributor to SPARKS Series, Seminar Leader, Inspirational Speaker


"There are certain souls to are bound by an invisible golden thread...This keeps you in relationship even when you are away from each other. Familiarity and attraction have elements of mystery about them. Cherish them... You are joined in ways that stretch your worldly sensibilities. It is one of the treasures of living with an open heart. Take a few precious moments to be still. In your heart, one by one, bring together those with whom you feel you have had a unique and beautiful connection in this life. In the silence of your heart, reaffirm your gratitude for the golden thread that joins you, even with those who have passed on. Feel the love that binds you together always."
~ Ed Conrad, from HEART POWER: Inspiring the Courage to Heal and Love Yourself One Day at a Time


* Father of two, grandfather of five
* Author of HEART POWER: Inspiring the Courage to Heal and Love Yourself One Day at a Time... A Daily Companion Book
* Unity Minister for 25+ years; founding minister of Columbine Spiritual Center, Boulder, CO & Unity in the Heart, St Paul, MN
* Seminar Leader of "A Blueprint for Awakening into Authenticity"
* Creator of "The Heart-Powered Path: Seven Stages of the Return to Love"
* Inspiring Speaker on topics of transformational change


Interview: Vibrant Wellness

"Ed Conrad’s new book, Heart Power, is my new BBF (Best Buddy Forever). Woven into this tapestry of daily inspirations are jewels of wisdom for everyday living that are sure to last a lifetime. The down-to-earth lessons culled from the author’s personal experiences touch upon the real and profound pulsations of life as they move through the heart.

With humility and a deep respect for the Divine Presence manifested in all Faiths, Mr. Conrad enriches that tapestry with threads of love, light, and Life. The rich lessons of Life are crafted to take the reader of any faith or belief system into the bright light of the heart’s real power.

Masterfully expressed, the sentiments in this well-orchestrated book may carry the reader to vistas of higher and deeper panoramas of the magic, mainstays, and mysteries of life.

Each day I look forward to this gift Ed has given me. A great gift for self or others, this book will brighten your day and invigorate your heart. I would not hesitate to purchase this loving and powerful offering."

- Katharine, Omaha, NB re: HEART POWER

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