Devorah (Dorothy) Taitz, RN, BSN


Co-Author Nurse  SPARKS, Edition #1

I am a Survivor

Devorah (Dorothy) Taitz, RN, BSN

Registered Pediatric Nurse, School Nurse, Artist, Author

Art and Soul by Devorah

devorah taitz

“Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind..."

~William Wordsworth’s Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood



Devorah was born in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents from Poland.  Growing up she was known as Dorothy or affectionately Dottie. She lived with her parents and brother in a modest two-family home in Canarsie. Dorothy attended the public school system and graduated from Canarsie High School. She also attended Brooklyn College.

In her youth, she traveled to Europe and Israel. The experience propelled her to become more observant of her Jewish heritage. As a child of Holocaust survivors, Devorah realized that she knew she was different from her friends. While most families were striving to live out the American dream, Devorah had additional dreams to pursue. Devorah moved to California with her family. There she attended Nursing School in Los Angeles. While in school, she volunteered for the Los Angeles Free Clinic. During fundraising for the clinic, she had the pleasure of meeting some famous Hollywood star supporters of the clinic, Art Linkletter, Robert Foxwell, Ruth Buzzi, Elliot Gould, Carl Betz, Herb Albert, Henry Mancini, Susan Anspach and Joel Grey. As a Nursery, Maternity, Pediatric ICU and NICU nurse she met Neil Diamond and his firstborn son. Devorah has all of the celebrity autographs as a keepsake

While in Los Angeles, Devorah met Howard her future husband. Before moving back to New York, Devorah became a victim of a tragic burn accident. She herself became a patient in the Sherman Oaks Burn Unit. After six weeks in the hospital and a year of physical, occupational and psychiatric rehabilitation, Devorah started to resume her daily life, married, moved to New York to a new home and started a family.

Devorah was then busy raising her children. She became more introspective at this time and came to the realization that she wanted to honor her grandmother’s memory. She did this by taking on the Hebrew name given to her at birth, Devorah.

Devorah met a graphologist and had her handwriting analyzed. She learned that something was hidden in her personality. She learned that she had a flamboyant affect. This ultimately meant that Devorah had a talent for artistic expression. Devorah began designing personalized items for children, painting Judaica and canvas art. Beautiful door plaques, painted tambourines and renderings of biblical themes can be appreciated in her portfolio as well.

Ultimately, life again challenged Devorah. She was diagnosed with malignant cancer twice. Her story of this chapter is revealed in this book.

Devorah is a living example of the resiliency of the human condition. Life is a test and each one of us can rise to the occasion at different times in our lives. Devorah is back at work and continues to make this world a better place one person at a time.

I have known Nurse Taitz for 11 years. During this time, she has shown her dedication to serving the students and staff of our school. She is sensitive to each person's needs, child and adult alike, and deliberate in her actions which remain rooted in the mission of the overall school. It's always refreshing to find someone who is ready, willing, and able to put another's needs in front of their own. I have yet to meet a nurse who is as compassionate and professional as she is, and yet manages to keep her head above the water. Nurse Taitz responds well in the face of medical challenges, both personal and work-related, and immediately puts her expertise into use. Her main priority is always to evaluate and treat in a manner that is within her power. In the midst of all that encompasses one day in a school, Nurse Taitz always follows protocols and doesn’t forget to follow up with a little TLC to ensure her “patient” is ok.

Candra Sutherland, Assistant Principal, P.S. 253Q, Far Rockaway, New York

Room  110 at P.S. 253Q is a place where students and staff feel comfortable, safe and secure. Devorah Taitz, R.N. is at her desk busily getting ready for her day. She’s checking charts, and supplies for her patients and making sure she is prepared for their health needs. As the day progresses children come in with nosebleeds, cuts and scrapes, stomachaches and headaches. Sometimes a child has an asthma attack or a head injury and Devorah assesses the situation and takes charge.

    Knowing that Devorah Taitz is the health professional in the building, she provides students with a comforting feeling. She has a quiet, calming demeanor which puts them at ease even when there is a dire medical emergency unfolding.

    Devorah is extremely dedicated to her profession and is easily accessible to anyone who needs medical attention or health advice. There have even been pregnant teachers in the school stopping by Room 110 to get a little consolation and reassurance. Devorah Taitz is a nurse you can respect and feel comfortable with when you need a trusting ear. She’s someone who attends to students’ health needs in a discreet and astute fashion. We are most fortunate to have a clear thinking, kind, considerate and approachable professional in our midst.

Shari Sloan, (Retired) Special Education Teacher District 27Q

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