Deonne Wright, RN


Co-Author Nurse  SPARKS, Edition #1

Igniting Purpose Through Grief

Deonne Wright

Registered Nurse, Holistic Practitioner
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"It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private sufferings that your noblest dreams are born and God's greatest gifts are given in compensation for what you've been through."
~ Wintley Phipps


5-minute Centering/Energizing Meditation


Deonne’s 36 year nursing career has involved her in multiple nursing roles. Her varied and accomplished nursing experience includes acute care, long-term care, home health & hospice care, ambulatory clinics, doctor’s offices and academic settings. She has been a staff nurse, charge nurse, supervisor, unit manager, nurse director, Certified Infusion Specialist, academic instructor, clinical educator, project manager, performance improvement director, author and legal consultant.

Besides being a leader in the nursing profession, Deonne is also a leader and educator in the holistic healthcare arena. She uses her holistic leadership as a bridge to create an integrative approach to wellness that unifies the emotions, mind, and spirit with the body. Deonne’s personal life-long journey toward wellness gives her wisdom, insight and compassion for the similar journeys her clients experience. She is a founding member of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association Board, a not-for-profit networking and educational organization supporting holistic practitioners.

Deonne studied many hundreds of hours with highly regarded experts, including a French physician aromatologist, to further her knowledge of essential oils their safe use and therapeutic clinical application. She has had a private practice for fourteen years based on recognizing we are each unique, and the healing process is a personal and individual journey. She works in partnership with her clients, mutually creating intention. Grounded in her nursing expertise, Deonne combines her training as a Reiki practitioner and sound healer with her Shamanic, Pranic Healing and Energy Psychology skills, among others, to integrate the intelligence of plants into her work with clients. The results her clients experience are reported before even leaving the session in such terms as feeling “clearer, lighter, hopeful, grounded, free, energized, relaxed,” to name a few. Many have stated she changed the course of their lives for the better when they didn’t know how to make it happen. Deonne offers distant sessions.

Deonne has four grown and thriving children, and twelve amazing grandchildren from the ages of two to twenty, living from Oregon to Idaho to Texas. She loves traveling to visit them, and marks off time on her calendar to ensure she creates memories with them all. She is the oldest of twelve siblings, spread from the east coast to the west coast, and from the Canadian border to very nearly the Mexican border. Visiting them takes a lot more planning to coordinate! She loves to sing, and belongs to a community choir. She finds great pleasure in nature, and living in southern Oregon is a wonderful place to appreciate the flora and fauna. Having retired from corporate nursing just over a year ago, Deonne is enjoying building her business, feeling grateful for the opportunity to focus on facilitating positive change for her clients.

It is my absolute pleasure to provide this testimonial for Deonne Wright and the energy work that she does. Although my interactions with Deonne have been relatively limited, they have been "profound." This is the word that I use to explain my sessions with Deonne to my family and friends. Profound.

I have done much in the way of emotional and spiritual work in the last twenty five years, but usually lost interest due to the frustration of not "seeing" evidence that it really worked. Open-minded, but skeptical, I decided to follow the suggestion of my wife to make an appointment with Deonne. She had already had her own experience and felt I could really benefit from talking with Deonne.

From my first appointment, my experience with Deonne has been "profound." Clarity, improved meditation, the feeling of connectedness with Source, and a clearer sense of direction have all become part of my "seeing" the evidence. Where I once struggled with a "personal relationship" with God, I now feel that presence more than ever. Whatever was blocked, seems to be gone or at least there seems to be far less struggle than there ever has been.

I would recommend Deonne Wright and the energy work she does for anyone who is ready to "see" the evidence, and to have their own "profound" experience.

Greg K., Business Owner

My decision to work with an aromatherapist led me to Deonne. Knowing that smell is our most primary sense, I hoped that aromatherapy could precipitate a healing for me. What I have experienced through the decade of years that I have been blessed to work with Deonne has surpassed any expectations.

Through my experiences working with Deonne, I have come to appreciate the profound wisdom of Deonne's work and her clear and direct access to divine guidance. She has a facility with establishing a deep spiritual connection that allows healing to occur on all levels; illuminating my spirit, clearing my mind, while calming and centering my physical energy.

When I have completed a session with Deonne, I am usually surprised by how easily my perception has shifted while having the sense of being uplifted and renewed. Deonne has integrated her mastery of many tools with her own gifts, which she brings to the clients and students who are fortunate to find her. I am grateful that my path led me to her.

Susan P., O.T.

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