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Anita C. Stewart, RN

An Unexpected Awakening

Anita C. Stewart, RN

Bridges of the Heart


"The longest Bridge a man will cross is from his head to his Heart."


Anita C. Stewart, RN has been gifted to work in healing her whole life. Earnest tending to those injured was first experienced through her compassionate, gentle care of animals as a child. She went on to earn her nursing degree, with high level hospital nursing as her career for 40 years.

Her own debilitating injury initiated a series of events that naturally led her to expand her abilities to help others, physically, emotionally and spiritually—not through her own knowledge and power, but through surrender to a power greater than her own. Energy healing, at times and for some, is unexplainable in words, but seen in the transformed lives of those through whom Anita provides her specialized care. A holistic approach expertise utilizes hands-on energy alignment. Naturally intuitive, she identifies areas in need of work and guides patients through a journey of deep self-discovery.

Her goals are to bridge Energy Medicine into mainstream medicine as a complimentary approach to holism. One patient said, “You were the only person caring for my husband that did not cause him pain when you touched him.” She was referring to Healing Touch.

She says, "The longest Bridge a man will cross is from his head to his heart.”

As we become purer channels for God's light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. "A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be."  ~Marianne Williamson

Anita works with clients one-on-one in private healing sessions/intuitive readings that can be either in person or by phone/skype.

-I love horses. Riding hunter/jumpers in my teens and early twenties, then falling in love with Arabians later in life. I raised many foals by my stallion, "Future Shock". Showed at some large venues in Santa Barbara, Ca. and Scottsdale, Az.

-When I was much younger, I spent an evening with Elvis Presley, and yes, I even made out with him!

I have been an energy practitioner, both Reiki and The Reconnection for several years now. Thus, I have had the privilege of acting as the energy conduit and have received many treatments over the years. I have experienced some incredible physical healings over the years and am very grateful for those.

I recently started working with Anita Stewart and was pretty stunned by the results on so many levels, she has an amazing gift. Her intake is professional and done with a loving inquiry of the client, to help with the actual healing session. I was truly blown away by how things came up for me, the positive release of those things that needed to go and the insights that came that are meant to stay with me.

I highly recommend Anita to anyone who wants positive results brought on by the incredible energy borne in love from Spirit, the Universe, Source Energy, whatever you want to call the supreme good in your life through Anita. She is very knowledgeable, both as a medical professional and energy worker, nurturing and provides a very safe space for her clients. She truly has a gift and we all deserve to experience that gift for ourselves. As a Lifestyles Transformation Coach I plan on referring my clients to her, that's how much I trust her.

Susan V. Nobles, CPC, CHt

I am semi-new to Oregon - into my fourth year - originally a California girl. I moved here and found serenity, nature and a wonderful life.

I went to see Anita as I was searching! Searching for something to make me feel better.
The typical 70s woman, I have tried every mode of spirituality, all types of alternative medicine and teachings. I believe in them but always walked away with that "more of same" attitude. Discovering Anita's work was an absolute God sent for me. Her intuition and ability to actually see your soul, helps you to rapidly clear pathways for your journey to move forward. Her method of counseling, speaking, asking and seeking with you at the beginning of session, and then actually helping you release bad energy and thought patterns is a gift she graciously shares. I have felt "cleansed", "refreshed" and "new" after seeing her. My body and spirit seem to function with a cleanliness I never felt before. I have much less resentment and need to control any outcome. I truly believe all is well and am forever grateful.

No one should be without treating themselves to her miraculous mind, hands and spirit.

Lo La Brie

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