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Ali Davidson

The Truth about Forgiveness: My Journey to Grace

Ali Davidson

Ali Davidson Life Academy

Transformational Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Speaker, Facilator, Author, Hypnotherapist

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen." ~ Hendry David Thoreau

"Play is the highest form of research." ~ Albert Einstein


Ali Davidson is a first generation American. Born to a ‘big fat Greek family’ she was raised by parents who were determined to make their way in a new country. Her father worked for President Carter’s administration as the chairman of the Solar Energy commission. Her mother developed and maintained child development centers and was a college professor. They came to this country, followed their hearts, and provided an environment where Ali learned that dreams are meant to come true. She knows how to do it. She’s experienced many dreams. She raised 4 children, lived on a farm, performed onstage, was a successful realtor, worked as a counselor and coach, taught workshops on many subjects, and owned a successful in home care agency where she had a state wide reputation.

But a leader who’s never been challenged doesn’t inspire confidence in others. Ali has had her fair share. She is the child of an alcoholic and a victim of incest. She has been through divorce, losing a company, bankruptcy and the loss of her home. Like so many she knows first hand, what it feels like to lose the game but she has not let that stop her from playing. She has learned from her own experiences what works and now teaches others how to get out of the sandbox and back in the game. There is a way to get back on the playground and find joy, fun, and passion about life and that’s what Ali helps others do.

Ali has been referred to as a transformation midwife, helping women give birth to their true essence and the life they deserve. She is an author and dynamic presenter. She is a practical and savvy businesswoman, an endlessly inquisitive student, an intuitive seeker and a person who believes that life is meant to be fun. Facilitating workshops is what she loves doing the most. She shares the wisdom and vulnerability of her own life experiences and is an entertaining and engaging teacher, providing interactive activities that enable her participants to feel empowered. Ali’s work with individuals, couples, families, and business owners, around communication, relationships, grief, and loss, enables them to love openly, embrace their greatness and live full out.

Her certification include:
*Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Master Practitioner,
* Certified Hypnotherapist
*Certified Personal Coach
*Mars/Venus facilitator


Her newest event, Butterfly Quest Retreat for women, is an opportunity to experience the depths of their souls and find their wings. Ali inspires people to reach their full potential and believes that each of us have unique talents and gifts that we need to share with the world. She feels honored and blessed to be a part of that transformation.


It's Between You and Me

The blockbuster life-manual and tool for anyone who loves a senior and any senior who wants to ensure their desires and needs are met while they age.This book will take both the senior and the adult child on a rich and meaningful journey to the conversation that everyone wants to have but few are able to request.

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Fun Facts:

-I love theater, acting, singing and dancing. Once played Sister RobertAnne in the play Nunsense. What a blast!

- I  love animals and had my own version of old MacDonalds farm. Great way to raise my 4 children.

-I'm very proud of my work with seniors and their families during the time that I owned and operated my in-home care agency.

My book, It's Between You and Me, was a result of what I learned and assists families in creating a plan for the aging years so that adult children can have peace of mind and seniors can maintain control as they age.

“Ali your program touched me in a profound way. Your 3 point pathway offered me a way to let go of the past, forgive others and most importantly myself. As a result I feel lighter, more open-hearted and ready to soar. I would recommend this program to anyone who has suffered a betrayal. It is a life changer.”

T.S. HILL, Artist

“Ali is unlike any other teacher out there. She genuinely wants to connect and nurture others into becoming their true selves. She knows how to cut through the fog and numbness, so that joy and happiness can be mine for the taking. I have learned tools to use that empower me to move forward rather than settling for less than I deserve.”

Rachelle Freegard, Architect

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