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LifeSPARKS, Edition #1
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Meet the LifeSPARKS, Edition #1 Authors

Meet authors who are real-life "sparks of inspiration." Through candid, dynamic and dramatic stories, they share a passion that creates positive change in the world—right here, right now. Each author relays a messages that is profound and diverse. One story won't fit all, but among all of the stories, at least one will especially fit you!

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Jean Farish
Selina Maitreya
Linda Finley
Rhonda Culver
Anita C. Stewart, RN
Ali Davidson
Pamela Cournoyer
Angela Alcantar
Colette Marie Stefan
Amy Hindman
Nate Roberts
Meri Justis
Petra Nicoll
Melinda Kapor
Veronica Lynch
Susan Greif
Susie Briscoe
Ed Conrad
Catherine VanWetter
Bobby Lee
Judy Dippel
Tami Blodgett
SPARKS Creator
Denise Beins
SPARKS Creator
Patricia Marshall
SPARKS Publisher

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