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SPARKS contributing authors share their triumphs, challenges and transformation.

026: Awakening into your life purpose: guest Farahana Surya Kassam

Far too often, we are not able to really understand the purpose of this journey we call life. It almost feels like we are "existing just to exist". Life is a gift, and each one of us is here for a purpose. Catherine and Farahana explore this gift.

025: Energetic Self-Care for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive

Join us for a transformative interview as Niki Elliott, PhD discusses her new best-selling book, I Feel Your Pain: A 7-Step Survival Guide for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People.

024: Angel Nightingale with Author Soodabeh Mokry

War’s haunting legacy, the pain of loss and abandonment, the struggle to find a new home and a better future, would stop most people in their tracks. With the woman now known as Angel Nightingale, every obstacle put in front of her, made her more determined to live a life of light and joy.

023: Up-leveling Your Game; Living the Life You’ve Been Called to Live with Kathleen Gage

Have you ever said, “If only I could live my purpose and make great money at the same time, life would be grand.”

You can! And with all that’s available both online and off, when you make up your mind to quit playing small, refuse to hide out any longer, and utilize the power of online systems, you become unstoppable.

022: From Health Practitioner to Healing Space Facilitator with Craig Weiner, DC

In this interview, Catherine will be speaking with Craig Weiner, DC. Craig has spent the last 35 years working in the healing arts field, beginning his undergraduate education as a pre-med student, then working as a massage therapist, returning to graduate school to become a chiropractor and then finding his way into working with and training others to work with trauma and emotional and energetic healing. He will be sharing his personal and professional journey with story, humor and insights.

021: ADHD The Good, The Bad & The Amazing with Dan Saia

Catherine and Dan discuss adult ADHD with some overall adhd thrown in. If you've been diagnosed with ADHD whether recently, or you've been living with it for a long time, this show will discuss all aspects of ADHD, from the good, to the bad, and even the amazing.

020: The Freeya Alliance with Guest Fred Cameron

Fred Cameron’s Fool’s Journey material, which uses an original interpretation of the Tarot cards and the Zodiac (not fortunetelling or astrology!) as an amazing framework for spiritual understanding and advancement, with which Catherine Van Wetter’s Family Constellation work fits hand-in-glove. The synergy of these two approaches gives the Freeya Alliance its energy and vision.

019: SPARKS Author Interview: Do You Hear The Whisper? with Rhonda Culver

Learning to trust in ones' self and to know and realize that these whispers are for our greater good and leading us and guiding us in the right direction. Sometimes the whispers warn us as well. It is all being done with love .

018: Healing Yourself and Others Through Writing with Allison Saia

Catherine and Allison discuss why writing is not only a way of telling your story, but a healing through story. Allison is the creative heart of Positive Media Ventures, LLC.

017: The Spirited Woman with Nancy Mills

Catherine and Nancy discuss the vision and purpose inspired by The Spirited Woman and Nancy's choice to include LifeSPARKS as one of the books chosen for her Fall Equinox Book Top Pick List.

016: SPARKS Author Interview - A Big Move: Embracing the New with Melinda Kapor

Melinda Kapor shares how her first trip to Europe in the early 1980's led to her moving overseas less than 18 months later.

015: SPARKS Author Interview: The Truth about Forgiveness: My Journey to Grace

Ali Davidson shares her experience with a best friend's betrayal and how forgiveness occurred.  She reminds us that forgiveness happens spontaneously when we accept, let go, and remember to love ourselves.

014: SPARKS Author Interview - Spider is your Grandmother with Bobby Lee

This is a story of mothers, animals, and Spirit Guides. It is a story of grieving, healing, and unexpected epiphanies.

013: SPARKS Author - The Unexpected Laminectomy with Veronica R. Lynch, PhD

Veronica R. Lynch - "I didn’t know what I was going to do. With the many months that had passed, I felt impatient, knowing I couldn’t spend the rest of my life not being able to walk or stand in comfort...."

0012: SPARKS Author Colette Marie Stefan - Challenges Are Opportunities Disguised as Problems

Colette Marie Stefan shares what it is that inspires her to do the work she does, getting into the field and helps us understand healing and energy work.

011: SPARKS Author Angela Alcantar  - What is a soul song?

Life coach, Angela Alcantar and host, Catherine Vanwetter discuss the uncomfortable parts of transformation and how Angela has learned their vital role in helping her to become a fuller version of her authentic self.

010: SPARKS Author Selina Maitreya - Who Knew?

Selina Maitreya shares her perspective on being completely taken out of her life in a second and her choice to surrender completely to what what's happening and sit in gratitude.

009: SPARKS Author Nathan Roberts - It's Time To Go Now

Nathan Roberts shares how a diabetic coma in 2003 inspired him to rise up and make the most out of every day. "We are only guaranteed today. It's time to go now!"

008: SPARKS Author Susie Briscoe - No More Excuses – Open Your Doors of Discovery

Susie Briscoe recognizes how important it is to bring experiences from your work life across with you when you do volunteer and how that can benefit women especially if they take time out for raising a family.

007: SPARKS Author Judy Dippel - Sweet Love!

Judy Dippel and Catherine discuss Judy's story of the people, places and things that have changed her life forever. Judy first recognized God's love on a personal level during an 18 months of debilitating postpartum depression.

006: SPARKS Author Interview - An Unexpected Awakening

Join this lively conversation as Anita Stewart and Catherine go deep into Anita's transformation as she embraces her gifts as a healer.

005: SPARKS Author Interview - Loss of Innocence

Amy Hindman and Catherine discuss Amy's journey in becoming who she is today, enjoying life as a singer, songwriter andp erforming artist.

004: SPARKS Author Interview - Crossing Bridges

Susan Greif shares her bridges which she feared to cross until she found her passion and voice that empowered her and led her to the joyous path of helping others deal with their "trolls" who lives under their bridges.

003: SPARKS Author Interview - Comatose

Join Petra Nicoll and Catherine as they discuss the life, and near death, of young Petra and her journey to the Intuitive, Teacher, Wellness and Life-Coach and Author that she is today.

002: SPARKS Author Interview - Coloring Life with the Spirit of Gratitude

Jean Farish takes you on her healing and liberating journey "out of the darkness into the light" with enlightening pivotal moments and valuable lessons learned that sparked her victory of recovery and transformation.

001: SPARKS Author Interview - Gifts of Sensitivity

"You're just too sensitive!" Learn the gifts and challenges about being a Highly Sensitive Person.